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Piccolo Diamoah, Dragonball & Dragonball Z


I have dedicated this whole section to the Master of Evil Masters: Piccolo from the anime Dragonball Z. He's the original Big-Bad-Mean-Mister-Green, the World-Dominating-Snarling-Mother-of-All-Alien-Conquerers in the original Dragonball series. Of course, admittedly, he developed a conscience in the Z series, and his evil act becomes nothing more than a sneering show. But come on, wouldn't you shrink like a violet if you saw this guy barreling down the street at you?

In Dragonball, the predecessor to Dragonball Z, Piccolo's character is revealed as the
separated evil half of Kami-sama, who oversees protecting the earth. Piccolo-Diamoah is his original incarnation, and it is he who first fought Goku, and eventually was defeated. In his dying breath Piccolo-Diamoah spat up an egg, which then hatched into Piccolo, who ends up surviving all the way to the end of the Dragonball/Z/GT saga. Although Piccolo is borne of the hate of his demon sire, he learns to feel love in his heart when he develops a friendship with Gohan, Goku's son in the DBZ series.

Piccolo's character change is virtually a mirror of Bob Dole's personal reformation in the 1996 Presidential Election. He went from a hard, vicious, hateful, egomaniac focused on world domination to a close approximation of a kind, personable, honorable freedom fighter. Well, kind of like transforming from a junkyard dog to a family pit-bull. who was I talking about, Dole or Diamoah?

Anyway, Piccolo is the best example of the first lesson in How-To-Become-A-Super-Villain: CHARISMA and ATTITUDE. This is why I continue to regard him as a respectable Super Villain even in spite of him having left the Dark Side. You can trust him on one thing only: he won't kill Gohan. Other than that, the dude's still rife with evil. You can smell it like smoke on the wind.

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Piccolo Powering Up
Just look at this guy. Tell me this isn't a kick-butt Super Villain. The level gaze, the bulging veins, the total eye-contact. Part of Super Villainry is making your opponent sweat, even doubt his ability to triumph. Even when he knows he's out-matched, this guy is never out-classed.


Stoic and Commanding
This is the quiet before the storm...right before he launches an attack. You haven't ticked him off yet but you'll probably want to keep it that way. Like I said, charisma and attitude are everything to a villain. The Villains that command at a glance are always the best in my book.


Piccolo as a White Dude
Now perhaps you're saying, "I understand that Piccolo is one bad mutha but what can I, a HUMAN with world domination aspirations, do to achieve his status?" Well look no further. Yes, it's a cheezy rendering but sometimes I get bored and this is what I decided Mean Mister Green would look like as some white guy in a turban. Lame, yes. Less intimidating, no.

The Stance
Head down, open stance, fists clenched for action, baleful glare, confidence personified. Nuff said.

Infected with Evil-itis
Uh, I think I hear my mommy calling me. As if being a green, fanged, pointy eared, muscle bound dude weren't scary enough, now he's got to go and get possessed. Talk about making a bad situation worse!

Okay, so he's evil. But kind of in that evil-puppy kind of way where you can still think he's cute. Isn't his little hat cute? and look at his adorable little ears! Right now DBZ fans all over the country are involunarily vomiting over this description.


You don't want to cross this guy, Jack
"No, I DON'T want to switch my long distance carrier! Now stop calling me!"

The First And The Worst, Piccolo-Diamoah!
Oh yeah this is when he's really and truly evil. In the original Dragonball series, Demon Lord Piccolo was THE bad guy of all bad guys. Personally I'm not as big of a fan of this era simply because of the camp factor. But you've got to respect those fangs!


CHIBI PICCOLO!! I'm having cuteness-induced siezures!! Someone shove a belt in my mouth!!!

From All Endings Come New Beginnings
With the death of the original Piccolo-Diamoah, came the birth of Piccolo Jr. who we know and love (see above pic). So it's a gross way to go, what're ya gonna do?



One of Piccolo's coolest abilities is to re-grow limbs. Nothing intimidates a nemesis like spurting out an arm in a flood of goo. If you're looking to go into the field of Villainary Arts and Sciences, look into attaining this power.

Crushin' Noggins
Say the word "noggin" with me. Noggin, noggin, noggin. Okay so here we are back to truly evil Piccolo. Here's another great ability to work on in your spare time: grow really huge, like big enough to palm your opponents' heads like basketballs, then flaunt those powers whenever possible. It's a great fall-back when nothing else works.

This is the vomit shot. Jeez, Picc, i told you to lay off the Jello shooters already!


Um, someone drop a kid?
It followed me home from school, really it did. Can I keep it, ma?

Hey! Leggo my Eggo!
Word of advice. Don't grab onto Piccolo's arm if you have any hopes of getting it back. Piccolo's likely to give you a bit of a surprise, and most likely you haven't managed to perfect the "arm-growing" thing yet. Just a guess, of course.

I'll open that bottle of wine for you!
This attack is called the "Special Beam Cannon" in English. It's easier to say than the Japanese name, which I certainly cannot spell. It's good for drilling holes in opponents and it takes long enough to charge up for enemies to say "Oh no!" first.

With his antennae laid back like that he looks like an angry cat. A slug-cat.

Say what?
Dude, don't talk about my momma like that!

Once in a lifetime...
This reminds me of the director's cut of "Terminator 2" where John Conner is trying to teach the Terminator to be a little more human so he tells the stoic android to smile. What follows is possibly the most ludicrous expression Arnold Schwartzeneger has made in his entire career (except maybe during his third trimester in "Junior"). Anyway, this is Piccolo's "smiling for Eddie Furlong" moment.