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Want to find more information than I can provide? Try some of the links provided below. i can make no guarantees about quality or kid-safeness for these links since the sites they lead to are administrated by other people. so click at your own risk.

The Live Action Gallery
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Video Game Villains
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Dragonball/DBZ Villains

DB/DBZ's Piccolo
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Check them out, they've got the time and resources to get the info that hasn't somehow worked its way into the tarpit of my own brain. I would like to say for the record, though, that most of my knowledge did come from my own experience. I only refered to Yesterdayland to check for villains I might have missed, and to answer maybe 2 visitor questions I was unable to handle on my own. So there. Go check them out, they're a whole lot of fun!

Evangelion's Ikari
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Encyclopedia of Villainy
The Basics
The Stare

Quiz Page


The Villains of Marvel Comics

1966 TV Batman Villains page

Okay, okay, these aren't cartoon-related but they're cartoony, which qualifies it for inclusion on this site. So go clicky click already!


Featured Villains


Adopt A Villain

This site is still under re-construction but I recommend checking back every now and then, it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

The Boys In Blue
Don't Knock The Noggin
Thanos: Guest Review

What Kind of James Bond Villain Are You? (quiz)
Again, not cartoons but cartoony. Fun stuff!

Villain vs Nemesis
Ikari vs Treize
Villainy and Shakespeare

Villain Resumes
DBZ's Vegeta
Cobra Commander
Yosemite Sam

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Disney Villain Bios (official)

Disney’s Villain's Lair (official)

Disney's Villain's Lair (UNofficial)

Disney Villains (UNofficial)

Disney villain-related sites.

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The Big Cartoon Database

Comprehensive listing of Cartoon Dogs

Other interesting cartoon-related sites essay on Star Trek Villains essay on Roleplaying Villains

Now, I don't ordinarily endorse the fanhood of Star Trek and I'm very nearly completely opposed to the practice of Role-Playing. After all, isn't that just a grown-up word for "let's pretend"? It's like calling comic books "graphic novels" to sound like you have a maturity above a 6 year old. I'm not opposed to the idea of maintaining a 6-year-old's intellect, this whole site is, after all, dedicated to cartoons, and I am a huge fan of Dragonball. But let's call it what it is! And I am very opposed to the freaky-geeky obsessive-compulsive behavior that tends to manifest in kiddies who get swept up in the gray area between fantasy and reality. If you roleplay together at a friends house and you laugh and have fun and throw Doritos at each other then I salute you. However, if you dress up in little costumes and run around with poorly-manufactured weaponry you spent your computer-savings on at the last Renaissance Fair then you need to seriously consider whether your touch with reality is alive and kicking. And if you're still doing it past the age of, oh, nineteen or so, I'd rather not sit next to you on a bus. Okay, sorry to editorialize so much but it is my site, I'm allowed to do that every now and then!



Evil Geniuses' Hall of Fame


A page dedicated to the evil geniouses worthy of honor.